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Hey Guys!

2015-02-27 00:55:35 by djnsn945

Hey guys...I'm a college student trying to start a YouTube web series. I need people to join my animation team (feel free to join) to help with animation and backgrounds. I voice the characters, but if anyone can do a little voice acting that would be cool too. Here is a glimpse on what the animation is actually going to look like on screen:


Any help at all would be appreciated. Please leave a comment if interested.



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2015-02-27 19:33:08

nice i like the blocky style! is it gonna have like 8-bit noises and such like for ex walking around?

djnsn945 responds:

Haha, no. But that's a good recommendation! I was thinking of having them wobble around or something, lol. I should have a new video up soon, so stay tuned!


2015-03-01 13:41:55

I might consider it, I can do voices.

If you need music man, hit me up

djnsn945 responds:

Will do, my friend. Thanks for the comment!!!